Facial Mask Warmer

What can LoyiSpa Warmer do?


Enhance your facial treatment
Bring you comfort and relaxation
Unrestrict your facial time even in cold seasons



Easy-to-use Put the mask into the warmer bowl to warm for 3 minutes and the mask will be ready for serving warmly.In the warmer bowl,the mask will be maintained at a comfortable constant temperature.

Easy-to-clean The warmer bowl is removable for easy flushing after usage.

Optimized design of the bowel curve helps heating evenly and efficiently.

Suitable for different kinds of masks, like DIY compressed face masks, nutrient paper facial masks, creamy paste, clay and gel etc.

Why we need a facial mask Warmer?

We are often suggested to rinse our face with warm water,or put a warm cloth to our face to open the pores and relax the face muscle before applying the facial mask. Although we are not sure if the pores can be open by this way, but following with cold facial mask will certainly make your warm-up in veil.


The skin is sensitive to temperature difference. When you put the cold mask on it, your face muscle will strain by the sudden coldness. The capillary vessels of pores in some extent shrink. This cannot help you to relax and it will affects the skin's absorption to the nutrient of the mask.


You may often give up your face masking in cold seasons because of the uncomfortable coldness after applying the mask. You shall not eliminate your face masks in such a dry and cold season which the skin care seems more important than other seasons.


What can help to solve these problems? LoyiSpa Facial Mask Warmer can do this for you facilely.You can enjoy a warm face mask with the least effort.




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